Star Valley

Star Valley

Borderland was responsible for infrastructure improvements for this 900-acre community, including extension of Wade Road; new roadway construction of Camino Verde Road, Los Reales Road and Yedra Road.

Improvements also included the installation of sewer, water, utilities, extensive channel and bank protection, box culverts, arches and paving. .

Project Details

Location: Pima County, Arizona
Owner: USH/SVA Star Valley LLC
Project Delivery: DBB
Scope: Infrastructure, drainage, utilities, grading and paving

Value engineering on the paving cross-section saved the owner more than $200,000.


  • Over five miles of drainage channels with rip-rap bank protection ranging from 6" to 36" rock
  • 223,000 SF of Shotcrete bank protection
  • 1,000,000 CY of Excavation