Santa Cruz River Soil Cement Bank Protection (CMAR)

As part of the Sahuarita Road Phase II roadway improvement project, Borderland installed 30,000 CY of Soil Cement Bank Protection and Grade Control Structure to protect the new bridges from the 100-year flows of the Santa Cruz River.

Project Details

Location: Town of Sahuarita, Pima County, Arizona
Owner: Town of Sahuarita, Public Works Department
Project Delivery: CMAR
Scope: Soil Cement Bank Protection and Grade Control Structure as part of new Sahuarita Road Bridge construction across Santa Cruz River

Community Benefits

The new soil cement bank protection and grade control structure protects the newly constructed Sahuarita Road bridges, providing a critical “all-weather” crossing of the Santa Cruz River between I-19 and State Route 83.

In addition, the incorporated multi-use trail accommodates the future development of the Juan Bautista De Anza Historical Trail, a county-wide bike/pedestrian path along the Santa Cruz River.


  • 1200 LF of bank protection paralleling each side of Santa Cruz River
    • Toe-down depths of 16′ constructed at 1:1 (H:V) slope
    • Exposed bank height of 18′ constructed at 1:1 (H:V) slope
    • Total height of soil-cement 34′
    • Finished minimum width of 8′
    • Multi-use trail ramps/underpass incorporated into bank protection at the bridge crossing
  • 420 LF of grade control structure perpendicular to Santa Cruz River flows, downstream from new bridges
    • Toe-down depth of 22.5′ constructed at 1:1 (H:V) slope
    • Width of 8′

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