Southern Avra Valley Storage & Recovery Project (SAVSARP)

SAVSARP, a few miles south of CAVSARP, includes nine recharge basins totaling 226 acres, and the construction of an 8.5 million-gallon potable water concrete reservoir and booster facility.


This project included the installation of:

  • 8.5 million-gallon potable water concrete reservoir
  • Booster facility
  • 36” to 84” pipe and valves
  • 9 400 hp vertical turbine booster pumps
  • Reinforced concrete vaults
  • Structural steel roof framing system
  • Standing seam aluminum roof
  • Coatings
  • Earthwork and grading
  • Control building
  • Electrical and telemetry systems

Project Details

Location: Avra Valley, Pima County, Arizona
Construction Cost: $12.4 M
Owner: City of Tucson, Water Department
Project Delivery: DBB 81% Self-Performed
Scope: Basins, reservoirs, booster stations