Downtown Links Phase 2

Downtown Links Phase 2 included the full reconstruction of St. Mary’s Road, from Interstate-10 to Church Avenue, to improve transportation, upgrade utility and drainage infrastructure, connect neighborhoods and people with places such as the Warehouse Arts District, and facilitate the future construction of a grade-separated railroad underpass.  Improvements included new rubberized asphalt paving, bicycle lanes, concrete curbs, sidewalks/access ramps, drainage improvements, lighting, signalized intersections, public art, low-maintenance landscaping, and irrigation.

Prior to the reconstruction of St. Mary’s Road, 2,778 linear feet of 18”-90” storm drain and five 48”-90” jack and bores were installed next to historic buried home sites.  Sewer bypass pumping was carried out around the clock while 1,612 linear feet of new 6”-21” sewer line was installed. The existing 3,436 linear feet of 6”-20” water lines were relocated around existing traffic signals, sewer lines, and electric duct banks while working under low-hanging overhead power lines. Borderland worked with the State Historic Preservation Office and the City of Tucson’s Historic Preservation Office to properly protect and salvage the historic El Paso & Southwestern Railroad tracks in the project area.

Project Details

Location: City of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
Initial Bid: $7.3 M
Construction Cost: $6.6 M
Owner: City of Tucson, Department of Transportation
Project Delivery: DBB
Scope: Roadway reconstruction, infrastructure, grading, and paving

“It was great having Borderland Construction on the Project Team. Their attention to detail and willingness to work with the City of Tucson is second to none. Their role as contractor on this project was essential to our success.”


Project Recognition/Awards:

  • 2015 Public Works Project of the Year (Transportation $5-$25 million), presented by Southern Arizona Branch, Arizona Chapter – American Public Works Association (APWA)
  • 2015 Public Works Project of the Year (Transportation $5-$25 million), presented by Arizona Chapter – American Public Works Association (APWA)

Community Benefits

The St. Mary’s Road improvement project was the second of the multi-phased corridor project.  The new roadway facilitates the City of Tucson’s overall Downtown Links Corridor Project and accommodates the future construction of a grade-separated railroad underpass.

The project – delivered nearly $700,000 under budget – adds significant value to our community by improving transportation, upgrading infrastructure, and connecting people/neighborhoods to surrounding districts.

Unique community benefits include:

  • Notable first-of-its-kind sustainable construction techniques
  • Protective 6-foot bike lanes with flexible delineators
  • Passive rainwater harvesting


  • Installation of new storm drains, water lines, and sewer lines around existing utilities
  • Extensive flow management plans and sewer bypass pumping
  • Maintenance of existing traffic and access to nearby businesses and a school
  • New HAWK (High-intensity Activated crossWalK) – signalized pedestrian/bicycle crossing
  • New traffic signal at the intersection of St. Mary’s Road/6th Street and Granada Avenue
  • Landscaping elements that incorporated sustainable practices such as water harvesting and recycling/reuse of existing concrete
  • Street lighting for driver safety and neighborhood security
  • Protection of historic El Paso & Southwestern Railroad tracks, and other historic properties
  • Public art